Evacuation Day Annual Commemoration

On November 25, 1783 the British occupying garrison evacuated New York City at the and General George Washington, Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army, marched his troops into Lower Manhattan, thereby liberating New York City from British occupation. This glorious and bloodless victory, symbolized by the removal of the Union Jack and the first raising of the Stars and Stripes at Bowling Green, defines the decisive and final victory over the British and the fulfilling of the military and political goals set forth in the Declaration of Independence.

The Fourth Annual Commemoration Revival of Evacuation Day

On Friday, November 24th 2017 the Veteran Corps of Artillery - State of New York and the Lower Manhattan Historical Association, in conjunction with the National Park Service, observed the Fourth Annual Commemoration Revival of Evacuation Day November 25th 1783. The Commemoration consisted of four distinct segments:

I. the Presentation of the Colors and Welcome at Federal Hall;

II. the Program on the History and Meaning of Evacuation Day, also at Federal Hall;

III. the Evacuation Day Parade commencing at Federal Hall and marching up Broad Street leading to Bowling Green/Evacuation Day Plaza; 

and concluding with the

IV. Evacuation Day Plaza Flag Ceremony

Featuring the color guard and musicians of the Veteran Corps of Artillery - State of New York in full dress uniform, the Fifes & Drums of the Old Barracks and several historical reenactors in period costumes, the 2017 Commemoration Revival of Evacuation Day was a source of pride for its participants, attending dignitaries and the observing crowds fitting for this date of exceptional historical and patriotic importance for New York City and the United States.



The British are going! Downtown celebrates Evacuation Day

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