The Lower Manhattan Historical Association ("LMHA") is a collaborative community umbrella for New York City based historical, cultural and military Constituent Organizations devoted to the study, preservation, documentation, commemoration and patriotic celebration of Lower Manhattan’s rich and complex history. The Association is first and foremost a community of communities that celebrates the historic achievements of New York City’s founders and the on-going contributions of the complex and dynamic social and professional tapestry of individuals and institutions that define the United States of America’s greatest of immigrant gateways. Accordingly, the Association serves the people of New York as an educational resource and strives to welcome all like-minded resident and visiting individuals and institutions into our community of historical and cultural volunteers.

Originally established in 2014 as the Lower Manhattan Historical Society ("LMHS"), the “Society” was renamed an “Association” in 2017 to facilitate its administration as a New York State “not for profit” organization.

The Association is also classified as a US Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3).

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